Work With Kalamazoo’s Most Celebrated Trainer!

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Whether you just want to get (back) in shape or achieve peak performance, Rob Lillie can help you set and reach new goals.

Rob will help you to identify and use specified training that will accelerate your performance goals resulting in your acclimation to become a better, stronger athlete.

Why train with Rob?

He has worked with hundreds of athletes, from beginners to record-setting athletes.

He offers:

  • Free consultation to discuss your goals.
  • Comprehensive analysis of your needs; gait analysis, form analysis, schedule creation
  • Overall training and racing strategies; Discuss things that have worked for you, tips and strategies that have worked for other runners. These are things we can look to implement during training to verify if they work or not for individual athletes.
  • Tailored workout programs; I will support the growth and integration of your workout program to you as it relates to your growth and your goals
  • Personal interaction and support; We will set up contact times weekly to discuss personal run growth and successes to help guide next steps.

More Than A Running Coach!

Rob has a passion for running and a passion for people. Coupled together with Rob’s knowledge and experience of running and coaching and his high energy he will help you to find the inspiration in you to make change. Rob can meet you where you are at helping beginners to get moving and helping athletes to find greater success.

Individual and Group Training Available

Training Programs

Lillie Inspired Training Programs provide Group Training Runs with over 40 years of coaching and training experience. If you want to get strong and feel prepared for your summer and fall races, these programs are for you. You will receive training schedules that will map your weekly workouts to help you meet your goals. You also will receive weekly updates by email discussing running, including information on injury prevention tips and help with goal orientation information.

We also support you by supplying clinics every other week which includes extra strength and balance training. During each class we will discuss and work on muscle recruitment by utilizing your core, glutes and hamstrings more effectively. By utilizing these core muscle groups you will have better balance and more strength to create power in your running. You will be on track to prevent injury and increase your running efficiency.

Download the full Training Programs PDF by clicking here.