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What can Lillie Training & Inspiration Do For You?

Lillie Training & Inspiration is about the love of fitness. It’s about you and your goals. It’s about finding ways to feel good through movement. It’s about caring for you and your body and your mind.

You might be new to exercise and fitness, or you might be an accomplished athlete!

Lillie Training & Inspiration is ready to meet you, listen to you, work with you, and accompany you to goal achievement. We can connect scientific theory and exercise physiology with you and your specific needs, resources and ambitions.

We love to be active, we love to work with people, and we provide the energy and expertise for you to put into action as you progress and reach your goals.

You don’t have to do it alone, work with Lillie Training & Inspiration.


To get started, email or call 269.720.3556.

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